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The International Learning Academy holds the key to future

The future of Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankans, lies in its business sector, and in being able to take Sri Lanka global. To compete on the global stage, Sri Lankans need global skills. And this is where the International Learning Academy (ILA) comes in. It takes more than just entrepreneurial spirit to make it in business. You need to know how to manage a business, how to manage people, and how to manage finance.

ILA is the tool you need to develop these skills of business management to build your own trailblazing business and finance career, whether that is as an entrepreneur innovating your field or as a seasoned professional guiding a company to greatness.

In partnership with several leading international leading universities, ILA offers CIMA degrees and doctorates in the field of business management. Some of the programmes offered by ILA include the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) programme in partnership with London International Academy; MA qualifications in International Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, and Project Management in collaboration with the International University of Applied Studies Germany; and two PhD programmes in Business and Management – one from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak Malaysia (UNIRAZAK), and one from Charisma University UK.

ILA’s collaborative partnerships with international universities and comprehensive and diverse curriculum foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship akin to the real world and encourage students to think creatively, take risks and become influential team players and team leaders.

For those still in school and looking to build the right educational base from which to study internationally, ILA, in partnership with London International Academy offers a full Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program for students in Grades 9 to 12. Most courses are taught at the university preparation level to attend North American universities.

ILA’s Masters programmes in partnership with the International University of Applied Studies Germany offer students several avenues of focus when it comes to defining the path they want their future careers to take: the MA in International Management builds professionals who excel in developing business strategies, driving business growth and trajectory and managing partnerships for maximum potential; the MA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation hones the skills required for launching business innovation projects or founding ground-breaking new companies; the MA in Marketing Management creates master marketers who can lead any type of company from creative agencies to small and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations or NGOs; the MA in Project Management creates analytical marketers who can manage and oversee projects, spot and solve problems and manage diverse teams to achieve their fullest.

ILA’s PhD in Business Management programmes – offered in partnership with two world-class universities, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak Malaysia (UNIRAZAK) and Charisma University UK – creates executives and entrepreneurs who have world-class skills and knowledge to lead their teams and companies to true greatness in the competitive world of business.

An education at ILA allows students to easily gain access to world-class education & Skills development. Nanaska’s lecturers have over 20 years of experience guiding students to become competent business leaders who can compete on the global stage and make a positive impact, both in their industries and in their social networks.

“The visionary leadership at ILA trickles down to its students,  “Lead Lecturer Channa Gunawardena said of the unique potential ILA offers its students, “ILA’s lecturers have over two decades of experience guiding students of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets to unlock their fullest potential and become world-class business and professionals and leaders. Our partnerships with internationally recognised universities create an environment of collaboration, knowledge exchange and innovation. Our students can participate in internships at sky-chip corporations as part of their training, international exchange programs, and job placements via Nanaska Connect, all while learning in an interactive and engaging online environment with one-to-one assistance whenever required. An education at ILA is any student’s first step to unlocking their potential as future business leaders.”

ILA is backed by Nanaska.com, Sri Lanka’s pioneer in CIMA online and distance learning programmes. Having maintained stringent quality standards in providing quality education, Nanaska boasts of a decade of quality services since setting up operations in 2009 primarily offering its services to overseas students. The launch of the ILA sees a move to position Sri Lanka not just as a regional business leader but also as a premier educational provider capable of building world-class business leaders through innovative and transformative education & skills development that empowers students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.