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STEM - Austrailia

STEM Centre Australia offers a range of courses designed to promote STEM education and address the underrepresentation of girls in STEM fields. They provide hands-on learning experiences, utilizing modules, assessments, practicals, and team-based activities. The courses cover topics such as robotics, coding, programming, innovation, and creative thinking. They also offer a specific course called "School Girls in STEM" to inspire and empower female students. Additionally, STEM Centre Australia provides teacher training and professional development courses to support educators in delivering effective STEM education. STEM provides tailor-made the training to meet individual school's needs and provides extra support for implementing the courses.

STEM offers several professional development courses embodying STEM concepts aligned with the Australian Curriculum including:

  • Introduction to Robotics & Coding
  • Introduction to Programming
  • School Girls in STEM
  • Innovation & Creative Thinking